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Bullet Proof Designs Radiator Guards

Posted by Gnarly Dave on 2/24/2014 to Product Review
After spending over $500 on a set of Fluidyne oversize radiators I figure I needed some guards to protect my investment. Regular guards that fit stock radiators may not fit these oversize units. Bullet Proof Designs make a solid billet guard for these radiators. The quality of these guards are amazing. No more putting together a bunch of pieces to make a guard here. It starts of as a solid block of billet and CNC to the shape needed. Since there is no aluminum that is bent to shape this guard is much stronger than all the competitors. 

Mounting these are as simple as removing the plastic scoops and the two bolts that hold the radiator against the frame. The guard snaps in front of the radiator and uses the stock mounting holes to hold the entire unit together. This gives your front and side protections. This also allows you to keep the KTM fan kit in place. The Plastic scoops bolts back on like stock.

These guards are not cheap, starting at $229.95 and going up with options like adding logos or anodizing, but are way cheaper than buying new radiators. I’ve had these on my bike for over two years now and I crash a lot. Not once have these allow any damage to my expensive radiators.

Well built Great protection 
Easy to install 
Lifetime warrenty 

Cons: Expensive No rear bracing
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Trail Tech X2 HID Headlight

Posted by Gnarly Dave on 2/20/2014 to Product Review
I always like having a light on my dirt bike since the first time I've tried night riding.  I've tried most of them and currently using the Trail Tech X2.  This light comes in variety of different configuration. Halogen, D.O.T. Legal, HID and is available in 7 different colours. Included in an attractive plastic shell is one 2″ SCMR16 and a 4″ SC4 lamp. The 2″ projects a spot beams for distance illumination and the 4″ lamp shines up close.  The light I am using is the HID version. At $324.95 it is not cheap and you will also have to modify your electrical system to run it. HID requires DC voltage so a regulator rectifier is required and on some bikes a new high output stator. Trail Tech makes plug and play electrical system that takes all the guess work out of running a high power light system like this one. A plastic shield is available to protect the glass lens for $14.95.

Putting one on is a snap if you own a KTM like I do. The bottom of the light has two holes for the the alignment post built into KTM fenders. If you don’t have a KTM, Trail Tech supplies a post that is installed between the front fender and the lower triple clamp. There are two rubber straps near the top that wraps around the fork tube to secure the light. Wiring is a simple three wire hook up. Ground, low and high beam. You can order a model specific light that will plug into your stock harness but on the HID version they are not available. I used the Trail Tech electrical system and just followed the well detail instructions.

HID lights are known for there bright white light. They generally are 4 times brighter then halogen of equal wattage. This light has two 35 watts lights making for one bright light. One feature of HID is a slow start up. The light starts very dim and then gets brighter and brighter till it’s at full power. This usually takes around 5 seconds. Not a big deal but I have my light wired so I can switch from my sport to flood beam and when they switch my light goes dark for a second. Really unnerving when it’s pitch black out. The light output is very good for slow trail riding. As your speed picks up in open areas you can out-ride the light but you are really flying when this happens. I supplement my headlight with Trails Tech’s LED  Helmet light so I can usually ride at any speed with this combo.

Excellent light output
Well built unit
Easy to mount and hook up
Light Weight (1 lb)

Slow start up
Requires DC voltage
Does NOT include protective shield

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